Do You Think Ann Curry Was Really Bullied At The Today Show?

Over the past year, an incredible number of stories and sordid details have come out surrounding Ann Curry’s departure from Today. Some have painted the villain as Curry herself for being extremely awkward on camera and for acting above so-called soft news stories. Others have painted the real villains as her co-host Matt Lauer or the producers or the network heads. If Brian Stelter’s new book on the situation is to be believed, however, the ship was doomed to sink the entire time.

According to a segment of the author’s work excerpted in The New York Times, Curry was basically forced on the show by network executives who were terrified she would go to another station and make them look foolish for letting her go. If the text is to be believed, very few people involved in the production wanted her, and when she arrived, they apparently bullied her quite a bit, telling her not to get too comfortable or unpack her stuff in the co-anchor office. At one point, someone allegedly even did a mock-up of her in a yellow suit and Big Bird with a tag that “Who Wore It Better”?

Obviously, those aren’t the nicest things in the world to do, but there’s a difference between being teased like everyone else and actually being singled out and bullied. Clearly, Curry felt like she was being bullied, but that doesn’t necessarily make it true. What do you think? Do you believe Ann was bullied? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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