Aside from substance abuse problems and how sexy is too sexy questions, no scandals occur in the music industry more often those involving lip-syncing. The lead up to last year’s Super Bowl was overwhelmed by Beyonce-related singing live stories, and now, Britney Spears’ lead-up to her Las Vegas residency is being marred by some of the same issues.

According to New York Daily News, sources close to the production are saying the starlet is planning on lip-syncing twenty-one of her greatest hits during a ninety minute performance. She allegedly hasn’t sung live in years and assumedly, would rather focus on the technical aspects such as dancing and theatricality as opposed to making sure she’s not pitchy. With some fans, that might really be an issue, but there is a certain percentage that have been very vocal about wanting the songstress to actually belt out her hits. Spears’ people released a statement this week saying Britney has been in vocal training for months to make sure her voice is right for the gigs and will sing live, but that supposed assurance has done little to stem the whispers.

On the one hand, I get what people are hot and bothered about. If you’re going to drop a hundred bucks to see someone sing live, you would like to think there would be some actual singing going on. It sort of feels like an unfair ruse if there’s not. On the other hand, however, if Britney is able to sound better and put on a far more aggressive and intensive spectacle without worrying about her vocals, watching it might actually be the better call for fans.

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