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Last week, Beyonce Knowles sang at President Obama’s inauguration. Her goal was simply to kick the event off with a wonderful rendition of the National Anthem, but unfortunately, she wound up generating quite a few headlines after rumors swirled that she used pre-recorded vocals.

Earlier today, the pop star called a press conference in order to hype her upcoming Super Bowl Halftime performance and to talk about the inauguration. During the festivities, she belted out an extremely impressive rendition of the “Stars Spangled Banner”, admitted she lip sync last week and promised fans she would sing live during the biggest performance of her life.

On the one hand, it’s understandable why Beyonce would eschew a pre-recorded vocal track. There was a huge backlash at the inauguration, and given the size of the Super Bowl audience, backlash from that event would likely be gigantic. Also, considering she has a truly incredible voice, it makes sense that she would want to show it off and prove she can do it. That being said, the Super Bowl isn’t exactly a place where artists have a long history of wowing vocally. The acoustics are terrible in a stadium that size, and there’s so much movement that it’s hard to actually hear what’s being sung clearly. If ever there was a time to use a pre-recorded vocal track, it would be at the Super Bowl, allowing the performer to focus on dancing.

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Is Singing Live The Right Call?

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