Watch Miley Cyrus And Her Foam Finger Grind Up On Robin Thicke At The VMAs

The MTV Video Music Awards hit the schedule tonight, celebrating some of the year’s best music videos with plenty of live performances. Lady Gaga opened the show, but soon after, fans got a lengthy performance from Miley Cyrus, showing her twerking capabilities. That led into a duet with Robin Thicke of the song “Blurred Lines,” that made me wish I could have the nude models onstage rather than Cyrus’ explicit self.

If you’ve caught the NSFW music video for the hit summer single, you’ll know it features a bunch of wildly attractive women parading around nude while a fully clothed Thicke, T.I. and Pharrell croon at them. The flagrant nudity is pretty discomfiting, mainly due to what it represents, but in many ways, the fully clothed Cyrus rubbing herself and Thicke’s netherregions with a foam finger is more visually jarring. She’s not just some model who has been paid to strip down to make Thicke look cool. She’s a musician with complete creative control over her career, and yet what she wants to be doing is making obscene gestures and grinding all over the much older performer.


Speaking of shaking her ass, let’s have a convo about Miley’s twerking during her rendition of “We Can’t Stop.” Miley Cyrus’ influence on twerking in mainstream culture can’t be ignored, thanks to a unicorn twerking video, but her actual influence and capabilities at that specific dance move are almost nonexistent. If you’d really like to read more about the hypersexual rap dance the 20-year-old prefers, you can check out Katie Ryder’s thought-provoking article on the subject that features just the right amount of Cyrus digs. If you aren’t feeling particularly intellectual, you can also look into the hashtag “#MileyAssSmallerThan,” which goes along way to describe Cyrus’ actual lack of talent in the twerking arena.

Cyrus has spent a lot of time over the past year redefining her public persona. It really started with that platinum haircut she debuted last August, but her new identity has emerged through her music, interviews and even fashion choices throughout the year. There’s no doubt she wants people to know she’s not the Hannah Montana of yesteryear, but polarizing herself as a sex crazed maniac probably isn’t the best way to ensure long-term credibility.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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