Does Taylor Swift Always Dump Her Fan Mail In The Trash?

Taylor Swift is no stranger to bad press. From the singer’s voice to her very public relationships with famous men that have pretty much all ended poorly, tabloids have never shied away from criticizing her in the past about a variety of issues, but until this week, they’ve never been able to find fault with the way she treated fans. Unfortunately, a giant bag filled with hundreds of letters from her supporters was found discarded inside a dumpster earlier this week, and now many are wondering whether she ever bothers reading her fan mail at all.

According to WKRN, Kylee Francescan was throwing some things away in a dumpster behind a school in Nashville when she noticed a ton of brightly colored and sparkly pieces of mail. Upon inspection, she discovered all of the letters belonged to Swift. Fearing members of the singer’s management team were throwing away her mail, Francescan boxed everything up and contacted the local news to figure out how to get in touch with Swift. In the time since, someone from the pop star’s team picked up the mail and released a statement saying the letters were mistakenly put into the recycle pile rather than the unread pile.

There’s no way Swift can possibly read all of the letters she gets. There’s just not enough time to be a productive member of society and do so, but you would like to think she reads at least a couple a week and has her assistants go through the rest. You would like to think she’s not having her people simply pitch it as soon as it comes in, but after this display, there’s no way to tell for sure.

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