New Father Simon Cowell Decides To Name Son After Departed Family Member

Simon Cowell might be known for his gruff exterior and often brutal honesty, but deep down, he’s a pretty sentimental guy. After his girlfriend Lauren Silverman got pregnant, he immediately let the world know how proud and excited he was to be a father, and now that the child has actually arrived, he’s chosen to use the little guy’s name to honor someone very special to him.

Back in 1999, Cowell lost his beloved father Eric to a heart attack. The music mogul has described his dad as a mentor on several occasions, and clearly, he misses him very much. So, according to E! Online, he decided to name his son Eric after the grandfather he never knew.

No doubt the news will play very well with his surviving family members but probably not as well as the more basic and more important health update. Little Eric is doing extremely well, as is his mother who went through labor eight years ago when she delivered his half-brother Adam.

You can check out some of Simon’s tweets on the matter below…

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Cowell and Silverman met under rather unusual circumstances. At the time, she was married to her longtime husband Andrew Silverman, and Simon was a good friend they hung out with. As time went on, however, the two Silvermans began drifting apart, and the new parents started getting closer and closer. Eventually, she left her husband, got pregnant and the two have been together ever since.

Fortunately, how a couple starts a relationship is less important than how they end it; so, for the sake of these two and their brand-spaking new son Eric, I hope these two have a ton of good years left.

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