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Frank Ocean And Chris Brown Throw Fists Over A Parking Spot

Chris Brown, Frank Ocean and several members of each of their entourages threw fists in a Los Angeles area parking lot last night. By the time police arrived, Brown had bolted, but Ocean was still on scene and he told the responding officers that the hip-hop star punched him after an argument about a parking spot.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles County sheriff’s detectives would like to sit down with Brown and get his side of the story, but thus far, they have not been able to. After such meeting, they should be able to determine whether or not the matter is worth charging anyone over.

Over the past few years, Brown has had a laundry list of run-ins with the police. From his scary domestic violence incident with Rihanna to his brawl with Drake, he’s no stranger to dealing with the police. That being said, sources connected with Chris told TMZ Ocean blocked Brown in with his car, refused to move and then made the resulting altercation physical. Unfortunately, since none of us were there, it’s difficult to know who actually started the brawl and who the real victim is, if anyone at all actually is.

Here’s what Ocean had to say on Twitter about wishing his dog was there…

”got jumped by chris and a couple guys. lol. i only wish everest was there.”

Brown hasn’t yet commented publically on the incident, but if he does, we’ll let you know his thoughts. Until then, try to remember parking spaces aren’t worth brawling over. It might be difficult to find spots in Los Angeles sometimes, but it’s not exactly Chicago or New York City. There are always places if you look hard enough.

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