Full House's Jodie Sweetin Denies Being In Rehab

Jodie Sweetin, best known for playing Stephanie Tanner on Full House, has had more than her share of problems since the show ended. That being said, regardless of what you may have heard, she is not currently in rehab. She’s working at a rehab center, which is definitely not the same thing.

According to TMZ, Sweetin is currently in the midst of a less than pleasant divorce from estranged husband Morty Coyle. She recently secured a job at a rehabilitation facility, and as she was trying to figure out where to live after the split, the owners of the facility reportedly volunteered to let her temporarily move into one of the studio apartments. That’s apparently why, to some outsiders, it has looked like she checked into rehab, but really, she’s just going through a rough patch in her personal life and working at a job that’s got a lot of personal meaning to her.

Following the cancellation of Full House in 1995, Sweetin began experimenting with methamphetamine. For a long time, she waffled between sobriety and addiction and highs and lows. She married on three separate occasions and had two two children, but sadly, none of the relationships with the men actually worked out. All that combined with a dip in her acting career has left her with some money problems, but luckily, it hasn’t dampened her positive spirit.

Despite the contentious nature of the divorce, Sweetin recently decided she’s only going to push for shared custody of her child with Coyle because she’s really hoping young Beatrix can have healthy and long-lasting relationships with both of her parents. One would imagine Coyle would be more than pleased with that relationship too, but you never quite know what will happen in divorce court until the shit actually hits the fan.

Following her prior break-ups, Sweetin has had the habit of jumping back into the dating pool very quickly. Perhaps even worse, she’s gotten engaged to two guys who she only knew for a matter of months. For the sake of her long-term recovery, the sake of her children and the sake of her mental health, I truly hope she takes some time to breathe. There will always be men out there who would love to take Stephanie Tanner out on a date. Some of them are definitely winners too. She just needs to stay sober, refine her taste a little bit and eventually find the right one.

In case if you forgot how cute she was as a child, here’s her beloved character Stephanie Tanner giving some sass to Kimmy Gibbler…

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