I’ve seen Gabrielle Union get all hot and bothered before, but usually it is for a legitimate reason—like getting patted down by TSA for having a hair weave in an airport. Amazingly, though, the woman gets more upset over the Miami Heat’s games than anything else. Her cheering or anti-cheering in some cases has gotten so bad, Union’s boyfriend Dwyane Wade has had to make some drastic changes.

Due to her over-the-top personality and courtside antics that include screaming “brick” and “airball” the 39 year-old actress has been asked by Wade to not sit courtside. She still goes to games, of course, but now she sits back several rows so as not to make her insults so apparent. Union recently spoke to US Weekly to discuss why her seat changes have probably been a good move.
"There's a gentleman, who shall remain nameless, who was a little overweight, and I did yell out his name and 'Your Spanx are showing!' He looked at me – because I timed it perfectly for maximum effect – and he looked hurt. Then I felt like an awful bully."

Ultimately, I think the Think Like A Man actress’ issue could be resolved by finding a better insult balance rather than moving back a few seats. Throwing out a few jibes never hurt anyone, as long as those insults are in tasteful fun. I think nearly anyone would agree screaming about someone’s Spanx is always unnecessary.

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