Gabrielle Union Patted Down By TSA Over Hair Weave

The TSA is prone to occasionally doing some strange things in American Airports. They once thought a hardcover book I had packed was a terrorist device. Which I daresay is a might bit more reasonable than the travesty that happened to actress Gabrielle Union when she attempted to set foot on an airplane on February 8.

First off, Union has a weave. I tell you this because it is a key element of the story, not something you should get all hot and bothered about like it’s new news. As Union herself has said, “It ain’t no secret.” However, not everyone is as up to date on Union’s hair changes and thus, when she headed through airport security and went through the body scan she was flagged as a suspicious character. Apparently, hair weaves are now suspicious. Union was then subjected to a “hair patdown.” She later tweeted about the entire experience.

“If human hair & thread sets off the bodyscanner...a lot of folks jus ended up on the "watch list"...its a weave not terrorism.”

You would think the TSA deals with weaves many times every day and wouldn’t consider them to be too much of a threat. I guess there must have been some crazy mutherfucking stunt pulled at some point to get weaves on the watch list. If I had been subjected to the same experience, I would have been exasperated, too, but Union seems to have handled the whole inconvenience with fairly good humor. Unlike Rand Paul’s recent encounter.

You can check out Union’s exasperation in its entirety over at Twitter.