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Giuliana Rancic has been speaking out about having kids with her husband, Bill, for a while now. In 2011, the couple said they hoped to give in vitro fertilization another go, but then Giuliana was laid up for several months dealing with breast cancer. Over the Christmas holidays, the E! News anchor opted to undergo a double mastectomy. Now back to work after the painful procedure, Giuliana and Bill are ready to give having children another go.

The Rancic’s announced today they will be having a baby through a gestational surrogate, which means the baby will have the Rancic’s genetics, even if Giuliana does not actually carry the child. Plans must have been in the works for a while, as E! News is reporting the baby is due in the heat of summer. Although the couple does know the child’s gender, they have decided to remain secretive about it, at least for a little while. Regardless, with Rancic’s body seeming to recover post-operation and a baby on the way, the couple have a lot to be thankful for.

Pop Blend would like to congratulate both Giuliana and Bill on their impending baby and wish them the best through the rest of 2012, although we still hasten to add how much we’d love to be privy to the baby’s gender and whatever wild name the celebrity couple concocts. Here's to hoping 2012 continues to be much better than the dramatic 2011 for the popular couple.