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Good Guy Ben Affleck Offers Helping Hand To Lindsay Lohan

During Lindsay Lohan’s recent stint in rehab, the actress made a list of all of her friends and put each into either a fruitful or toxic column, depending on whether or not the individual person is a good influence and should remain in her life or is a bad influence and should be given the heave-ho. It’s highly unlikely Ben Affleck was placed into either column as he’s not particularly close to Lohan, but apparently, he still has the star’s best interests at heart.

According to TMZ, the Argo director decided to make a surprise visit to Cliffsides Malibu during Lohan’s stint to see the actress and impart some life wisdom. Affleck himself was in rehab for alcoholism back in the early 2000s, and by all accounts, he completely recovered and has stayed on the straight and narrow. As such, he has plenty of good advice to offer, and Lindsay supposedly ate it up. He told her about how forgiving executives tend to be toward those who are making an honest effort, and he apparently let her know about the activities and types of people she should try and avoid in order to remain sober.

Affleck is a good dude. During every interview and public interaction, he comes across like a devoted and engaged family man, and by all accounts, he’s a very hard and dedicated worker in his professional life. Rumors about even the slightest mistakes tend to run wild in Hollywood, and yet, his reputation is pretty spotless, which is great evidence of how quickly people are willing to forgive. He was known as a carouser and a bit of an immature party animal about a decade ago, and now, memory of that has almost been entirely replaced by his adorable family and the brilliant films he’s created.

Right now, members of the general public only have the vaguest memory of Lohan as a working actress. The days of her churning out hits like Mean Girls have been replaced by almost a decade of drunken arrests, rehab stints and combative relationships. Talking with Affleck, however, should have given her plenty of hope and determination for the future. If she can keep herself in check and expand on her actually pretty good performance in The Canyons, her stock should start trending in the right direction for the first time in years.

I’m not sure Affleck and Lohan will cultivate any kind of long-lasting friendship or closeness from this, but hopefully, if Lohan starts to feel overwhelmed and in danger of plunging back into a life of poor decisions, she’ll call up Affleck or his wife Jennifer Garner. No doubt they would both be willing to steer her back on course.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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