Gossip Girl's Kelly Rutherford Sued Over Unpaid Private Investigator Bill

Celebrities don’t always settle lawsuits because they’re in the wrong. Sometimes they’re willing to fork over money just to keep a strange and potentially damaging story out of the press. Apparently, Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford is not one of those defendants easily dissuaded by fear of her secrets being exposed.

The actress has just been hit with a lawsuit by a private investigator who claims he was short changed out of thousands of dollars following completion of his services. Edward Banach was reportedly hired by Rutherford in the midst of her incredibly vicious divorce from now ex-husband Daniel Giersch. She wanted him to spy on the father of her children and uncover evidence that he failed to secure a pool and play area. According to TMZ, she openly admitted as much in court, but when it came time to settle up for his months of work, Banach claims he was only given a little more than twenty-eight of the eighty-six thousand and change he was owed. He wants the full figure before moving on.

In case if you were wondering, at sixty-five dollars an hour, that total amounts to more than one thousand hours of paid amateur detective work, a hell of a lot more than someone would need to snap a few pictures of a pool.

Rutherford has yet to make any public comment about her feelings on the case, and with this being a rather low profile lawsuit, it’s possible she may not even address it. Here’s to hoping she does release a statement at some point to at least let us know what the hell Banach was up to for all those hours.

Mack Rawden
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