Halle Berry is once again a wife. The Academy Award winning actress walked down the aisle in a lovely, European ceremony this weekend in which she exchanged I-dos with fiancé Olivier Martinez. With a baby on the way and plenty of resources, the two have everything they need to carve out their own version of the white picket fenced American dream, but given all that’s happened before, it’s not necessarily a guarantee that’ll happen.

Berry’s last marriage to model Gabriel Aubry did not end well. The two spent years fighting it out in court over child support issues after their union deteriorated, and even worse, Aubry and Martinez once traded fists immediately after the former dropped off Nahla on Thanksgiving, of all days. Police were called. Articles were written and plenty of threats were reportedly uttered.

Left hooks, right crosses and custody skirmishes weren’t on anyone’s mind on Saturday, however. Martinez and Berry reportedly headed to the Chateau des Conde in Vallery, France. A little after four, the two met up with the mayor to perform a civil ceremony, and a little more than an hour later, they headed to a local church for a family ceremony alongside an estimated sixth members of their immediately family and friends, as per US Weekly.

At forty-six-years-old, Berry definitely seems like she’s finally and officially ready to settle down. She’s already a mother to Nahla, and once the new child comes, she’s going to crave stability more than anything else. In theory, Martinez represents that comfortable and stress free drift into her twilight years, but fortunately or unfortunately, marriages aren’t played out on paper, and in actuality, there are some reasons to be a little skeptical about this marriage.

Berry has already been married to two different men (David Justice and Eric Benet), and neither of those relationships worked out very well. In fact, none of the unions even made it to the five year mark, which isn’t exactly evidence Berry is wonderful with long-term commitment. Considering Martinez was throwing fists on Thanksgiving less than a year ago on his driveway, he doesn’t exactly scream sure bet either. In fact, the former fighter wouldn’t be anywhere close to the top of a list of men who seem guaranteed to be in it for the long haul.

I want to think this will work out for Halle. I want to think this marriage will be the last for her, but I’m really not so sure it will be. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Will These Two Make It Over The Long Haul?

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