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Howard Stern Show's Robin Quivers Will Have Surgery To Remove Tumor

Robin Quivers, Howard Stern’s sidekick for the past two decades, has announced she’ll undergo a procedure to have a tumor removed that’s pressing against her bladder. Not surprisingly, the reveal came on-air and was greeted with much sadness from the other staff members. Stern said he’d quit before doing the show permanently without Quivers. She, of course, laughed at his claim, but were she unable to continue at any point, it’s likely Stern would pack it in, at least when his next contract is up.

Most people think of Stern’s rise in popularity as almost meteoric, but the host actually struggled for a long time before meeting Quivers in the early eighties. She was the first newswoman who ever took to his bantering, and the two had an instant chemistry. Like a calm and collected magnet, she was able to learn when to let Stern go off on tangents and when to subtly reel him back in.

As a result of the growth, Quivers is currently wearing a catheter, which she joked allows her to pee while having conversations with staff members. According to E! Online, her publicist has refused to comment on the severity or specific diagnosis, but the co-host has reportedly been meeting with doctors regularly and will undergo the procedure very soon.

Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to Quivers, as well as the whole Howard Stern Show family. She’s quite brilliant at her job, and the program would be overtly worse without her. Here’s to hoping Stern fans never have to learn just how much worse it might be.

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