Will The Hunger Games Be More Popular Than Harry Potter?

For a long time, I thought the one hundred million dollar projections for the Hunger Games’ opening weekend were ridiculous. I thought it would debut to a lot of sellouts and strong numbers, but I didn’t think it would approach anything epic. Now, I’m starting to second guess myself. The film had its star-studded red carpet premiere earlier tonight, and the screaming fans turned out in droves. Not surprisingly, interest from uninvolved celebrities was also reportedly high with numerous famous faces escorting their excited teenagers into the movie.

So, I think we can all agree the hardcore fans and casual enthusiasts will turn out and support The Hunger Games, but one opening weekend doesn’t necessarily translate into a phenomenon. Part of the reasons why the Harry Potter films were able to gross more than seven billion dollars is that enthusiasts went back over-and-over again. That, coupled with many randoms who hadn’t read the books taking a look each year in an effort to remain in on the conversation, pushed the franchise to bigger and bigger heights. I think it’s unlikely Katniss will be able to top Harry, Ron and Hermione initially, but with more features already planned, her popularity could grow to the point of surpassing the wizards.

What do you think? When all is said and done will The Hunger Games be bigger than Harry Potter? Will the average person be able to name the characters and overarching plot or will the franchise just be one of many very popular franchises? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below...

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Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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