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JK Rowling Is Giving Us More Harry Potter

Holiday season is upon us. And Harry Potter fans must have been very good this year, because JK Rowling just announced that she will be providing the best gift anyone could ask for—more Harry Potter material.

Vulture reports that the author is writing new material and will offer a "festive surprise” every day from December 12th to 23rd on her website, Pottermore. The surprise announcement was sent out to all Pottermore members and promised brand new writing as well as a new potion or two. And who doesn’t love Hogwarts in the wintertime? It’s absolute magic.

But, best of all, the newsletter claims that JK Rowling’s new work will expose her thoughts on the Slytherin scumbag we all love to hate, Draco Malfoy. We’ve learned a lot about Malfoy throughout the years at Hogwarts, and by the end we had watched him blossom into an actual villain, much more than the schoolyard bully of previous years. He was fighting side-by-side with the ultimate evil, Lord Voldemort. But, still, we could never think of Malfoy as the same kind of evil as the other death eaters.

His best and worst flaw was loyalty. He shared the quality with many of the other main characters in the novels. But, Malfoy places his loyalty in morally corrupt places. He places his loyalty in his father, the death eaters and ultimately, Lord Voldemort. He’s babied, and fed a silver spoon his whole life, so he never really has to be brave, and that’s probably his biggest defeat, being a moral coward.

It’ll be interesting to see where Rowling takes Malfoy. Though he made many bad decisions, it’s easy to sympathize with him. And in the final scenes of the series, we saw an adult Malfoy with his children getting ready to catch the Hogwarts Express on Platform 9 ¾.

If Rowling goes down a similar route as she did with her last surprise text on Dolores Umbridge, we are sure to learn some key facts about the late Draco Malfoy. And unlike the last story which gave us a glimpse into the past of Dolores Umbridge, this story is bound to show us the future of Malfoy (or at least from where we last left him).

I have a feeling that JK Rowling is going show us a whole new version of Malfoy. Parts of it have already been there, but Malfoy has had a lot of hurt and abuse in his life that took him down a path that he really did not have much choice in. After Lord Voldemort is defeated by Harry Potter, Malfoy has a chance at a life he can make decisions in. And Rowling’s new work may give us a glimpse at the path he decided to take.