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The Osbourne family is still reeling from son Jack’s multiple sclerosis diagnosis, but after a few weeks of letting the news settle in, they’ve decided to open up and share exactly what happened. Apparently, it was Jack’s vision that was the first real sign. Last month, he started having trouble seeing even basic objects right in front of his face; so, he did what any reasonable twenty-six-year-old would do, he headed to the doctor.

After an examination, he was told eighty percent of the vision was gone in his right eye thanks to multiple sclerosis. According to People, the doctor advised he change his eating habits immediately, and in the weeks since, the change in foods has already started to pay off. He’s reportedly gained back some of his lost vision and with any luck, should continue improving. Regardless, he’s vowed to maintain positivity and the rest of the Osbourne clan are striving to do the same.
"My life is far from over."

With a beautiful new baby and a doting fiancé, there are still plenty of reasons for Osbourne to love his life. There’s nothing quite like watching a child grow, and there’s nothing quite like starting a new life with the person you love.

Pop Blend sends out its best wishes to Osbourne and the entire family. Here’s to hoping this is but a small setback in a life filled with plenty of highs.

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