Joan Rivers Slams Adele, Says She's Been Rolling In Fried Chicken

Joan Rivers has never been known for her tact. Over the course of her lengthy career, she’s made her reputation out of making aggressive and unflinching comments about some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. As a result, people have learned to put on their thick skin when listening to her. They’ve learned to not be offended over minor issues, but even with that knowledge, she still shocked the crowd on the Late Show With David Letterman this week when she ripped Adele for her size.

Touching on the singer’s size multiple times, she didn’t hold back in the slightest and got plenty of shocked reactions from the fans and even an irritated look from the host himself who clearly wasn’t overly excited about dwelling in such a place. Go ahead and take a look at the footage below…

I’m pretty open-minded when it comes to comedy. It doesn’t bother me in theory that Rivers poked fun at Adele’s weight, but what does bother me is that she kept cycling back to it. Making so many jokes about her weight when she was just one of many people at the Oscars feels like an attack more than a comedy routine, and perhaps even worse, it feels cheap and easy.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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