Johnny Depp Bought Amber Heard A Horse

Johnny Depp has always been drawn to the strange. From the roles he picks to the people he associates with, he tends to prefer unconventional over straight ahead, which, for those closest to him, can make receiving his presents an interesting experience. Like one of the curtains on Let’s Make A Deal, his offerings are genuine mystery boxes. Just ask Amber Heard. The last gift she got from Depp was breathing.

According to E! Online, Depp got so excited about horses while shooting his newest movie The Lone Ranger that he decided to buy his buddy Amber Heard her own personal one. Whether the two previously had a conversation about thoroughbreds or he was basing her interest on her Texas upbringing is unclear, but either way, The Rum Diary star now has her very own mammal to ride to her heart’s content atop.

Once upon a time, horses were a necessity to everyday survival, but now, often, they’re a luxury item and an escape to get away from cell phones, big cities and pressing concerns. Given Depp’s love for the animals and his recent freedom from dating life, I’m sure he’ll find time for a few rides with Heard in the very near future.

Here’s to hoping neither of these two wind up in a high speed horse chase after robbing a stage coach.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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