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Justin Bieber may have told his younger fans he heard their worries loud and clear after he was caught smoking pot last month, but apparently, those concerns and the potential for lost sponsorship deals haven’t amended his behavior in the slightest. Rumor has it someone is shopping a whole new set of pictures featuring the Biebs blazing, and sooner or later, they’re likely to wind up on the front page of either a tabloid or a website.

According to TMZ, the pictures show the Biebs and his buddy Lil Za, the dude who recently got pulled over driving Justin’s car, passing a joint back and forth while blazing up outside of a home in Los Angeles. It’s unclear whether a neighbor or a member of the press took the photographs, but either way, what they depict is reportedly very obvious.

Over the past year or so, Bieber has changed quite a few things in his personal life. He’s reportedly started hanging out with a different crowd, and he separated from longtime girlfriend Selena Gomez. Whether one thing is directly related to the other is unclear, bur regardless, the pop star seems to be coming to a crossroads. Most people go through a phase in which they try marijuana and test the limits a bit. If the Biebs wants to maintain a family friendly image, however, this behavior needs to end quickly.

We’ll keep you updated.