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Justin Bieber might have an adult’s money, but that doesn’t mean he always has an adult’s common sense. The singer was reportedly on an Air New Zealand flight recently when he and his companions began swearing very loudly. No one said anything at first, probably because he’s the Biebs, but after the f-bomb dropping continued, a mother with young children supposedly approached him and delivered a stern lecture concerning what words are and are not appropriate to bellow on an airplane.

Another musician may have taken offense to being lectured by a stranger, but considering Bieber genuinely seems like he has a pretty good heart, it’s not altogether shocking he reportedly listened politely, apologized and promptly stopped using any profanity.

According to TMZ, the pop star was a bit embarrassed about what happened, but there were not any further incidents on the plane. Consequently, no one involved should really be looked down on. At only eighteen and without parental supervision, it’s hard to blame the Biebs for acting like a kid now and again, and with two children on board, it’s hard to blame the woman for not wanting her kids to continually be subjected to f-bombs.

There’s no word yet on what Bieber did after landing back in the States, but one would imagine it involved plenty of swear words said at an acceptable level.

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