Kate Middleton’s never been one to demand the limelight, but ever since she’s been pregnant, news of her baby bump bikini photos and the location she plans to birth the child has taken precedence over plenty of other royal news. Whether the 31-year-old royal likes it or not, her pregnancy may take precedence over more pressing royal news moving forward too as her due date reportedly falls smack dab in the middle of the Coronation Festival.

According to reports, Middleton’s due date is July 13. Since the news that Middleton is expecting broke all the way back in December, that may seem pretty late, but apparently, Middleton was forced to announce her pregnancy well before the due date thanks to her problems with severe morning sickness. The date was revealed to the Daily Mail after a barbecue where members of the Royal Family spoke out about the timeline.

On July 13, the Gardens of Buckingham Palace will be aflutter with celebrations as part of the Coronation Festival, which has been put together to celebrate the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s crowning sixty years ago. So, if Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are conspicuously missing from the celebrations, we’ll all know what—or who—is the culprit.

Granted, that date could be a decoy to keep the press away from the birth. Or, it could potentially be a result of loose lips at a barbecue. Either way, we can sit back and relax until the baby boy or girl is officially announced.

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