Is Kate Upton The Right Choice For Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Cover?

Earlier today, Sports Illustrated announced it has chosen Kate Upton to grace the cover of this year’s Swimsuit Issue. The twenty-year-old model was given the same honor last year, which puts her in pretty select company. She’s only the tenth model ever to be featured on the cover more than once, and at this rate, she could eventually catch Elle Macpherson’s record of five.

You can take a look at the stunning beauty dressed in only bikini bottoms and an unzipped winter coat below…

While Upton’s popularity has soared over the past few years, her rise hasn’t not been without some controversy. She’s a bit more curvy and closer to a normal size than most models, and some who work in the fashion industry are pretty bothered by her popularity.

Personally, I think Upton is an incredibly beautiful woman, and I’m glad she got the cover a second time in a row, but my opinion isn’t universally shared. What do you think? Are you glad a woman like Upton is getting featured, or would you rather executives have chosen a different woman to put front and center? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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