Katie Holmes Used Disposable Cell Phone To Hire 3 Lawyers

Tom Cruise may have gotten up to some secret agent shenanigans in the Mission Impossible series, but apparently, all that time playing Ethan Hunt didn’t make him an expert in monitoring the movements of his own wife. Reports are starting to circulate that Katie Holmes snuck around her husband’s back for weeks, taking care of all the little things she needed to before dropping the divorce bombshell on her husband.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Holmes, fearful her husband might catch wind of the plan, had a friend purchase a disposable cell phone and then used it to hire not one, not two but three different law firms in three different states in order to protect herself wherever a judge’s ruling ultimately went down.

The now estranged couple’s lawyers spent almost the entire weekend hammering out a settlement that worked for all involved. How much Katie’s pre-planning helped is impossible to know, but as per everyone involved, she seems to have made out well. No one is talking money, but the actress will receive primary custody of Suri, as well as an order forbidding her soon-to-be ex-husband from indoctrinating the little girl into the ways of Scientology, at least until she’s old enough to make a decision for herself.

Exactly why Katie went to such crazy measures to set it all up instead of just moving out is unclear, but no doubt Scientology’s biggest critics will find a way to point the finger at the Church somehow.

Pop Blend’s thoughts go out to both Cruise and Holmes as they attempt to move on apart from one another and their daughter Suri as she attempts to balance two home lives.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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