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Katy Perry Introduces New Killer Queen Fragrance


Katy Perry, like many singers before her, is big into fragrance lines. Her first two, Purr and Meow, have sold like hotcakes, and now the singer is adding a third perfume into the mix. Perry debuted the new fragrance over the weekend, giving fans a glimpse at the far more grown-up bottle, which (thankfully) doesn’t feature the shape of a cat this time around.

The singer announced the new bottle via Twitter on Friday, and according to MTV News followed the tweet up with a press conference in New York. At the press conference, Perry announced the new fragrance will be called Killer Queen, which sort of fits in with the red and gold color palate of the bottle and the scepter-like appearance of the bottle, as shown in the photo.

Perry’s been working on the fragrance for over a year, and while she’s staying mum on what the actual perfume will smell like, it should be in stark contrast to both Purr and Meow, which had cutesy purple bottles and super youthful scents, with Purr smelling fruity and Meow taking on a vanilla-ish scent. From the bottle, Killer Queen looks like a fiercer scent, and possibly a more mature one, as well. We’ll keep you posted as Perry puts together an ad campaign for the new fragrance.

In the meantime, we do know that with a new album on the way along with the new perfume endeavor, Perry’s about to have a very big year.

Jessica Rawden
Jessica Rawden

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