Katy Perry and John Mayer aren’t talking about their relationship publically, but if sources close to the couple are to be believed, they’re most certainly on-again. The pair recently attended a joint birthday party of New Girl creator Elizabeth Meriwether and Hello Giggles blogger Sophia Rossi, and apparently, the two were practically joined at the hip during the festivities.

According to US Weekly, Perry and Mayer kissed and held hands throughout the evening, alongside famous faces like Nicole Richie, Jon Hamm, Shannon Woodward and Zooey Deschanel. By all accounts, the couple are very serious and getting more serious by the day. The only long-term question is whether Mayer will choose to settle down over the long haul with Perry. He’s dated more than his share of beautiful women, but none of the relationships have taken so far.

In recent weeks, Perry has reportedly told friends she “believes she can change” the popular singer. At some point, he’ll probably choose to settle down, but whether the girl who makes him do it will be Perry or someone else is anyone’s guess at this juncture.

If these two continue to hang out for the next few months, expect one of them to release some kind of formal comment saying they’re together. If these two drift apart, expect a slew of new rumors concerning who each might move on to next.

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