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Ke$ha Does Not Regret Drinking Her Own Urine

During her tenure as a pop singer, Ke$ha has gotten up to some shenanigans, including ridiculous outfits, lip tattoos stating “suck it,” and even getting caught in a lie about being forced to record her most famous song, “Die Young.” One of her most recent endeavors was recording My Crazy Beautiful Life, a six-episode documentary series for MTV that featured an episode following Ke$ha as she drank her own urine. Obviously, this earned the ire of television critics and the Parents Television Council alike. Regardless, Ke$ha says she doesn’t regret the incident, at all.

On Monday, the 26-year-old singer spoke to MTV about some of her series’ big moments, including the infamous pee story, which anyone on the up and up concerning pop culture probably heard about, even if they didn’t see it in person. Ke$ha’s never really been one for humility, but she actually comes out to say she’s happy she took the dare.

"No. I know you want me to say I wish I didn't drink my pee, but I'm happy I did. I don't go online because it gives me anxiety. I know everyone's always talking about 'How dare I fill-in-the-blank.' [But] It's my pee!"

I'm shocked she didn't say she'd be willing to do it again. Despite this, it’s not often that a person can say they drank their own pee. The only person I can think of offhand is Kevin Costner’s character in the box office failure, Waterworld, and technically, that’s a fictional scene. Still, if there’s one thing you can say about Ke$ha, it’s that she has no problem saying whatever she thinks or being the exact person that she is on the inside, weird lies, daredevil antics, and all.

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