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Kevin Jonas Is Going To Be A Father

Kevin Jonas might not be the most famous member of the Jonas Brothers, but as the oldest, he’s far and away the most domesticated. He became the first brother to walk down the aisle when he did so all the way back in 2009, and now, he’ll become the first brother to welcome a little Jonas into the world.

Rumors about a Danielle Jonas pregnancy have made the rounds now and again after episodes of Married To Jonas featured the couple discussing the idea of children, but because Kevin is a nice, sensible level of famous, no one from the press ever followed her to any doctor’s appointments or to CVS to buy a pregnancy test. Luckily, he’s a pretty forward guy and just decided to share the news with his fans via an excited tweet earlier today…

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That’s obviously a really special tweet, but there’s still a few things I can’t quite figure out about it, most notably the final line. Who is the “baby” he’s referring to? Is he direct addressing his wife? If so, that’s kind of weird because he used “we” earlier in the same tweet. Is he direct addressing his unborn child? If so, I like the idea of him direct addressing his baby as “baby”, but I’m not sure I like the presumption that he’s for sure going to love his baby when there’s always that slim chance it’ll come out of the womb straight up evil.

Not a whole lot is known about the pregnancy beyond the simple fact that it’s happening. The couple hasn’t yet shared sex, due date or even how they might have broken the news to his goofy, good-natured and occasionally scandalous brothers, but there’s no reason to think those big reveals won’t slowly unfold over the next few months. They’re a pretty garrulous family, and since people want to know, I have no reason to think they won’t accommodate.

Pop Blend’s sincerest congratulations go out to the entire Jonas crew during this exciting time. With patience, love, plenty of resources and a neverending commitment to give the little guy or girl everything he or she needs, there’s no reason to think Kevin and Danielle won’t be excellent parents.

Here’s the Jonas Brothers’ video for “Love Bug” because music seems pretty fitting at a time like this…

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