Remember that time you walked into class in middle school and suddenly got the feeling everyone had just been talking about you? We all have at least one of those stories. Unfortunately for Khloe Kardashian, her story is happening right now, and her middle school classroom is populated by every single person in the world who cares about celebrity gossip and/ or her basketball playing husband Lamar Odom. Under that intense spotlight, many people would likely run into a corner and hide or lash out. Khloe, however, has other plans.

The starlet took to her Twitter account just hours after her husband’s driving under the influence of something arrest and offered up a few photographs as well as some sage advice.

There are a lot of celebrities in Hollywood who misbehave, engage in stupid and/ or dangerous activities or in some way bring the salacious headlines upon themselves, but Khloe is most definitely not one of those celebrities. She’s always come across like a genuinely likeable person who has a pretty good head on her shoulders. Now and again, however, we’re dropped into the middle of someone else’s problems, and we just need to respond accordingly.

Rumors have swirled for almost a week that she might file for divorce, but thus far, she’s stuck by her husband. In fact, word out of the Kardashian camp is mom Kris Jenner might be the one who is pushing her to bail, but Khloe’s only priority right now is trying to make sure Lamar is healthy, safe and getting treatment.

The biggest problem with addiction is a person can’t truly be helped until he or she actually wants help. Khloe has organized interventions. She’s thrown him out of the house, and she’s even reached out to his former teammates. Thus far, nothing has worked. Consequently, all she can keep doing is shooting for a balance between being supportive and taking moments for herself in order to make sure she doesn’t go crazy.

Thankfully, she was able to take one of those respites the earlier this week when she hung out with several friends and took the following picture, captured with a wonderful reference to Mean Girls. Here’s OMG, you can totally not sit with us…

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