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Kidnapping Victim Gina DeJesus Finally Gets Her Mom’s Meatloaf

It’s the little things people tend to love the most. Finally freed from captivity after nearly a decade, twenty-three-year-old Gina DeJesus wanted one thing: her mother’s meatloaf. Fortunately for her, that’s exactly what she got too during an emotional family dinner that saw the victim reunited with her loved ones.

According to People, DeJesus is also very excited about learning to do all of the things she missed out on during her teenage years. She’s apparently pumped about trying out different kinds of make-up, learning how to drive, finally being able to get another real haircut and going back to school to get an education. Because of her situation, she missed out on a whole lot, but with the love of her family and a fund being put together by the community, she should be able to make up for at least some of that lost time.

DeJesus was kidnapped back in 2004, roughly two years and one year respectively after local Cleveland women/ girls Michelle Knight and Amanda Berry went missing within a five block radius. Earlier this week, she was freed after Berry escaped and was able to alert a neighbor. Moving forward, it will no doubt be a tough road for DeJesus and the other women to get back to living some semblence of a normal life, but as victims rights advocate Elizabeth Smart has proven, it can be done with enough determination and positive thinking. Love always triumphs over hate in the long run.

Mack Rawden

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