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When eldest Kardashian, Kourtney, and boyfriend Scott Disick announced a brand new pregnancy back in November, the news was a bit soon. At the time, Kourtney was only nine weeks pregnant, which is earlier than the 12-week standard people generally abide by to let the cat out of the bag. Fortunately, Kardashian’s baby is completely healthy and thus far has not suffered from any unexpected complications, which is the real reason for the waiting-twelve-weeks thing.

Despite Kourtney and Scott’s occasionally spotty relationship, I would never wish them an unhealthy child and I’m very happy this new bundle of joy – their son Mason was born in 2009 – is coming along just great. Now, the Kourtney and Kim Take New York star feels comfortable enough with the pregnancy to come out and announce the sex of the child. Is the kid going to be a brother to Mason, or will it be a pink-clad girl with a rear to match her mother’s? According to E! Online the happy couple are set to have a little girl. And according to Kardashian, they are just thrilled.
"We feel so blessed to be having a little girl and to be able to share this new experience with Mason.”

The new baby is expected to make its way into the world this spring, so stay tuned, because I am sure the Kardashians will come out with more baby info in the coming months. Just like I’m sure by this summer there will be plenty of weight loss stories from Kourtney’s camp.

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