In mid-November, the Chicago Bears were seven and three, and the team seemed well on its way to another playoff berth. Then quarterback Jay Cutler got injured, the team lost five consecutive games and a once promising season went down in flames. From every conceivable angle, Cutler breaking his thumb was an absolute disaster, at least except for one. All that time off apparently gave him more time to make babies.

Cutler and his now on-again fiancé Kristin Cavallari announced via a statement to People today that they’re expecting a child to be born later this year. There’s no word yet on how far along the future mom might be, but since no one has noticed a baby bump yet, we’re probably only looking at a few months.

Cutler and Cavallari’s high profile relationship has had its share of ups and downs. The couple got engaged last year, but he reportedly called it off while she was wedding dress shopping. The venue was cancelled, her plans to move to Chicago were put on hold and the whole thing quickly devolved into a running joke. And then out of nowhere, they were back together. He flew in to watch her perform on Dancing With The Stars. She rooted for the Bears via Twitter, and it wasn’t long before the plans to marry were restarted.

Here’s to hoping Cutler and Cavallari talk it over and decide to eschew a medical professional in favor of receiver Earl Bennett when it comes time to deliver. We already know they’re comfortable together, and I feel fairly confident in saying he won’t drop the baby when it comes out.

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