Kristin Chenoweth Furious American Airlines Tried To Ban Her Emotional Support Dog

Actress Kristin Chenoweth isn’t exactly known for quietly handling difficult and unfortunate situations. She quit The Good Wife and even occasionally wore a neck brace around for weeks after a seemingly minor incident involving falling debris on the set, and now, she’s publically going to war with American Airlines because the flight crew briefly barred her emotional support dog from riding next to her on the plane.

According to TMZ, Chenoweth was flying from Dallas to Los Angeles when the gate supervisor told her she didn’t have the right paperwork to bring her dog on board. Some kind of argument broke out, and Chenoweth reportedly wound up in tears. Not long after, the paperwork was reexamined, and American Airlines workers changed course and let the animal on the plane.

Of course, that didn’t stop Kristin from making the issue public, however. Here’s what she had to say on Twitter

”American Airlines: Dallas flight attnt supservisor: Ms Kidwell. Abuse not ok. #tripfromhell”

American Airlines has already refunded her money and issued an apology. She hasn’t publically responded to their olive branch, but considering she hasnt taken down the woman she’s pissed at’s name, I would say she’s probably still a little bothered by what happened.

Having an emotional support dog to help out on planes is probably the most Los Angeles thing I’ve ever heard, but if she had the proper paperwork, obviously the animal should have been let on the plane immediately. Here’s to hoping this is the last we hear about this issue.

Mack Rawden
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