Lady Gaga Gifts Gold Wheelchair To Fan, Pays For Her To Have Surgery

Lady Gaga has had a rough few months. The 27-year-old singer was forced to cancel a slew of tour dates after developing a labral tear in her right hip. After undergoing a quick surgery, the singer faced plenty of recovery time and, even though she is on the mend, she knows just how stressful and discomfiting the experience can be. Now, she’s paying it forward by helping out a fan with a problem sort of similar to her own struggles.

One of Lady Gaga’s Twitter followers, a 19-year-old woman named Emma C, suffers from scoliosis and hip dysplasia and is in need of a hip replacement. Gaga found out about her troubles and decided to take action. The “Born This Way” singer is now flying the young woman to New York to help her get back on her feet. According to The Sun, the pop star is sending Emma to the same team of doctors and other specialists who helped her through her troubles back in March.

"Gaga reached out to me and is hooking me up with her team that did her surgery in NYC as I have been needing a hip replacement for quite some time…We're planning on flying out this weekend, all expenses paid, for a consult.”

Plenty of celebrities have offered help or support to fans in the past, from attending dances with soldiers to meeting young people suffering from cancer. Flying a fan to a doctor and paying for her to see specialists is an extremely commendable gesture. As if that weren’t enough, the singer will also be donating the 24-carat gold plated wheelchair that designer Ken Borochov created for her to sit in while she recovered. So, not only will the young woman hopefully get a much-needed surgery, but she’ll also be styling afterward. It should be an experience she’ll never forget.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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