Listen To Samuel L. Jackson Recite Taylor Swift Lyrics

Taylor Swift’s sappy, teenage-spun lyrics often border on ludicrous, and in light of her numerous failed relationships, her music becomes an easy target to poke fun at. Add a little Samuel L. Jackson into the mix, and you’ll get the perfect under-a-minute clip that offers turns Swift’s youthful complaints into serious business. Well, sort of.

A couple of weeks ago, Jackson visited the radio station 95.8 Capital FM London to promote his role in Quentin Tarantino’s brand new film, Django Unchained. While appearing during the show, radio hosts Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon asked Jackson to take out his reading glasses and recite some of Swift’s hit song “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together” from the album, Red.

The man’s smooth and time-tested voice tries to take the words seriously for a while, but then gets into the more graphic expletives we know and love the actor for. While this isn’t the most amazing vocal narrative I’ve ever heard (it’s difficult to beat Morgan Freeman at anything), I’m guessing Jackson’s reading of the lyrics will prove to be a very popular soundbyte for the radio station in the weeks to come.

What other song lyrics do you think Jackson would be great at reading? I really wish someone could get him to read the lyrics for The Black Keys’ “Howlin for You,” and then the Phoenix Coyotes could randomly use that clip. Otherwise, I’d be down to hear him recite some Nicki Minaj with a touch of seriousness.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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