Meg White In An Internet Sex Tape

It's one thing when a media created non-celebrity like Paris Hilton ends up in an online sex tape, or when some forgotten, cast off reality star shows up in one. You expect that from the no-talent media whores and forgotten D-listers. In the end, despite all their protestions, the tapes usually end up only helping their careers. It's quite another when it happens to someone like White Stripes drummer Meg White.

A video has popped up online, reportedly showing her having sex. The extremely explicit tape shows two minutes of a woman who looks an awful lot like Jack White's musical partner, naked and on all fours in bed with an unknown man. The video is just about everywhere by now, and while there's been no confirmation that it's actually Meg, various source are speculating that the tape may be the reason for the recent cancellation of the band's tour. Previously they'd blamed the cancellation on "acute anxiety" on the part of Meg. If the tape is her, then it makes sense for her to be feeling rather anxious.

Unlike the Paris Hilton's of the world, Meg doesn't need the publicity. She's always been the more private piece of the White Stripes puzzle, and there's absolutely no way a tape like this can provide anything but embarrassment for her.

If you're dead set on watching the tape anyway, you'll have to go somewhere besides here. Try this place.