Megan Fox And Brian Austin Green Are Having Another Kid

Megan Fox has been extremely open about her desire to have more children. First son Noah was born back in September of last year, and she’s made it clear she’d love for him and her step-son Kassius to have more siblings. Given her lucrative career, it was widely assumed she and husband Brian Austin Green would wait a few years, but apparently, they’re ready to start right now.

According to Page Six, Fox is once again pregnant, though she’s not very far along. The starlet’s upcoming Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles adaptation recently finished shooting, and by all accounts, she was able to keep her impending motherhood a secret while on set, which actually is impressive. We don’t know exactly what Fox’s costume might look like for the movie, but if it’s anything like the original April’s getup, she probably didn’t have a lot of breathing room. I mean for the love of Shredder, look at how small this waist is…


Unrealistic body shapes aside, Megan and Brian are reportedly very stoked about the pregnancy, and refreshingly, they’ve decided to be open about it too. Not long after the whispers emerged, they reached out to let the world know she is definitely expecting a child. You can check out the exact quote in question below…

“I can confirm Megan is expecting her second child with her husband Brian. They are both very happy.”

For a long time, Fox was considered by many to be a bit standoffish and distant. The general public perception of her was more of a mean girl than anything else, but in recent years, she’s really started to seem a whole lot more likeable and relatable. From her marriage to Green to the birth of her child, she’s really opened up and shouted to anyone who would listen that her family is the most important thing her life. That’s obviously what fans want to hear and by all accounts, it’s completely true.

Pop Blend sends out its sincerest congratulations to Fox and Green on the upcoming addition to their growing family. Given the way they talk, it’s entirely possible we’ll get two or three more little ones before all is said and done, but with the resources they have and the time to look out for them, there’s no reason to be opposed to a mini-Duggar like clan.

We’ll keep you updated once we get a sex of the upcoming baby and/ or any rumors about potential names. Something tells me whatever they decide to call him or her won’t be Transformers-related, but you never know until the birth certificate is signed.

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