Michael And Dina Lohan Are Writing Dueling Tell-All Memoirs

Lindsay Lohan might be a bit of a trainwreck, but in her defense, she’s the byproduct of two even bigger trainwrecks. Over the years, Michael and Dina Lohan-centered scandals have covered everything from illegitimate children to rape to unpaid loans to alcoholism to cocaine abuse to exploiting their daughter for money. Now, they’ve each embarked on separate schemes to milk all of those above mistakes for as much profit as possible in the form of dueling tell-all books.

According to TMZ, Dina has been working on her memoir, which is reportedly a scathing indictment of Michael, for awhile now, and her ex-husband just announced his plans this week. He’s reportedly signed a book deal already and is planning to call the text I’m Not Your Daddy Dearest: If I Can Turn My Life Around, Lindsay Can Turn Hers.

If that title is any indication, Michael will undoubtedly focus a healthy percentage of his memoir’s length on his famous daughter, and Dina will likely do the same. Their horrid marriage and public bickering might have a trainwreck fascination, but clearly, Lindsay is still the real meal ticket.

Since both texts are still in the early stages, formal release dates haven’t been announced. If the publishers were smart, they’d combine forces and release the texts in shared packaging allowing fans to get both sides of the same story. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that will happen.

We’ll keep you updated on these slow-moving literary disasters.

Mack Rawden
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