Michael Jackson Paternity Backlash: Some Claim Papa Joe's The Real Father, Others Question The Whole Thing

The Michael Jackson thirty-one-year-old baby drama drama just keeps getting weirder because of course. Just a day after a DNA test allegedly proved the “Billie Jean” singer impregnated Miki Howard and in doing so, fathered aspiring musician Brandon Howard, the Internet has collectively pushed back against the tale very hard, offering up two competing theories as to what the hell is really going on.

Theory number one, put forward by TMZ alleges the company that engineered the test, FilmOn, is simply full of shit and made the entire thing up. The outlet believes that because it has been unable to track down the company in Ireland that supposedly performed the test, and bizarrely, the logo on the results form can reportedly be downloaded from Google Images. During the past few hours, FilmOn has admitted it jazzed up the paperwork to make it look more sexy but is still vehemently denying it altered what the results said in anyway.

Theory number two, put forward by The New York Daily News, alleges MJ isn’t the father but instead Joe Jackson is. The outlet makes no comments about whether or not FilmOn tested the results, but it argues the elder Jackson was Miki Howard’s manager during the early 1980s and rumors swirled back in the day that he may have been the father. If so, that would also explain why Michael so vehemently denies being the father in “Billie Jean”, the hit song that seems to directly address the situation, all the way down to Howard sometimes going by the nickname “Billie”.

Even almost five years after is tragic death, much about MJ’s life and his behavior is still unknown. It only makes sense that these random paternity issues would hang out just as firmly in the grey area too.

We’ll keep you updated on this case as more facts become available. Until then, do yourself a favor and listen to “Billie Jean”…

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