DNA Results Allegedly Show Michael Jackson Has A 31-Year-Old Son

Update: This mess has gotten even stranger with claims of doctored test results and perhaps even MJ's dad Joe Jackson being the real father. Read the latest here.

Our original report follows...

Go grab a cold glass of water and take a seat. It’s about to get really weird up in here. Apparently, Michael Jackson impregnated longtime Jackson family friend Miki Howard during the early 1980s. Who is she, you ask? She had a string of R&B hits in the late 80s and early 90s and, wait for it, just so happened to sometimes go by the name Billie. That would make the song “Billie Jean” an honest to God emotional response to what was actually happening in MJ’s life. It would also make it one of the biggest bombshells we’ve gotten about the singer who unleashed plenty of bombshells during his life, but at this point, everything is still one gigantic if.

Here’s what happened…

Apparently, singer Brandon Howard, 31, agreed to appear in a documentary for FilmOn.TV. During the course of that documentary, they asked him for a DNA swab. Later on, the producers of the documentary allegedly acquired a dental impression MJ gave to a Beverly Hills doctor, as per TMZ. A DNA comparison was run, and it allegedly showed paternity, and today, those results were released during a live broadcast that included Corey Feldman.

You would think B. Howard himself would be stoked about the findings, but according to the local news in Miami, he’s not. He allegedly never asked them to run the DNA test, has never publically acknowledged being MJ’s son and has no interest in going after the estate for money. Or he's the puppet master behind this whole thing and doesn't want to admit it.

If you trust these DNA results, it would seem Jackson has a child, but at this point, none of us have any reason to trust DNA results from some random company made public by a website most of us have never heard of. So, for the time being, it’s probably best if you don’t get too excited.

That being said, I highly encourage you to listen to “Billie Jean” with a totally new perspective…

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