During President Obama’s term, First Lady Michelle Obama has been working hard on her own issues. The leading lady started “Let’s Get Moving!,” a program aimed to motivate obese children to activity. Now, she is implementing the first change in 20 years meant to improve food plans within the United States armed forces.

Though obesity is a problem for many Americans, the armed forces are facing their own sets of nutritional issues separate from the average populace. The Defense Department shells out a whopping $1.1 billion per year on issues that arise due to obesity. Secondly, obesity causes problems for people attempting to join U.S. armed forces. Recruits need to pass physical examinations and qualifying regimens. According to CBS News, problems due to weight have held people back from making it past the first enlistment stage.

On Thursday, Michelle Obama visited an air force base in Little Rock, Arkansas that was implementing a new nutrition plan for the first time. She spoke to the airmen in an address about their altered diets and with some of them individually afterward.
"You all look really good, really fit. Thank you for eating your vegetables. We need you strong."

The rollout of the plan was just the first in a national initiative that will eventually spread to the 1,100 armed forces dining halls in the U.S. Next step: adding more leafy greens to school lunches. With any luck, that'll be able to offset the idiocy of pizza being declared a vegetable.

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