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Certain bands have become known for props at gigs or even stage shows themselves; regardless, most bands are not known for bringing in new foods to a venue. However, Morrissey recently successfully campaigned to get rid of animal products at one of his largest upcoming live shows. Essentially, it will be the first ever 100% vegetarian concert ever played at the Staples Center. The man once proclaimed that “meat is murder” so he’s definitely passionate about the vegetarian cause.

On March 1, Morrissey is playing a sold-out show at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The musician and animal activist recently campaigned to have the venue shut down its McDonald’s during his concert, as well as disallow animal products to be sold in other parts of the venue. Somehow, the Staples Center got on board with the idea, and anyone seeing Morrissey will have to nix their daily dose of meat for the evening, or at least eat before the concert.

According to E! Online, changing up the meat-eating habits of the Staples Center was once a request Paul McCartney asked for, but was denied. I’m not sure if Morrissey sweet-talked or threatened his way into a 100% vegetarian venue, but either way, the man knows how to get results. The Staples Center and promoter Goldenvoice will pay a percentage of proceeds from the night to PETA. This may be the biggest victory PETA has had since an affiliate, against orders, flour-bombed Kim Kardashian.