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Just because PETA hates fur doesn’t mean the organization put someone up to dumping flour on Kim Kardashian’s head. That’s the message coming out of the animal rights group's camp today following the fallout from yesterday’s utterly bizarre situation. The reality star was at the London Hotel in West Hollywood on Thursday to launch a new perfume when she was blindsided by a pissed off, flour-wielding activist. White powder was poured all over Kardashian’s head before her attacker sprinted into the night.

According to E! News little is known about the assailant save the fact she’s supposedly “short and Asian”, shouted “fur hag” prior to the flour bomb and was not working under orders from PETA. The protest group released a statement in the wake of the attack distancing itself but also sympathizing with the mystery woman. Here’s an excerpt…
"PETA has tried everything from polite letters to public protests, but Kim Kardashian has not been moved by the news that animals are beaten, electrocuted, and even skinned alive for real fur garments. Whoever threw that flour may reach her when our polite appeals did not.”

As for whether or not the act worked, initial reports indicate no. Kardashian supposedly laughed off the brouhaha, changed clothes and immediately returned, likely with no opinion change on the validity of wearing fur. We’ll keep you updated if the short Asian woman gets apprehended or if Kris Humphries’ soon to be ex-wife makes any more public statements. Until then, keep your fur in your closet, or bring a shield if you decide to leave the house wearing a mink coat.