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Orlando Bloom might not be the first celebrity any of us would guess might throw a right hand during dinner service, but Justin Bieber apparently drives people to do unexpected things. So, instead of enjoying a fine meal at Cipriani Restaurant in Ibiza, Spanish diners got to watch a scuffle between two dudes on the A-list.

Details on what exactly happened are still a little fuzzy, but there is quite a backstory. A few years back, some rumors swirled about Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom’s now ex-wife Miranda Kerr after they hung out following the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Earlier this year, rumors swirled about Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber’s now ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez after the two of them were spotted hanging out. Long story short, there are clearly some feelings bubbling beneath the surface, and when they ran into each other at Cipriani, all of that anger came out.

Bloom allegedly took a swing at Bieber, which was blocked by his bodyguard. According to TMZ, Bieber then screamed, “What’s up, bitch?” before a mess of security guards jumped in between the two men. After some trash talking, the pop star eventually left, and his exit was greeted with a warm round of applause from the remaining diners.

Not content to let the situation go, Justin Bieber later posted a picture of Miranda Kerr to his Instagram account. He’s deleted it in the time since, but obviously, the message rang loud and clear before that happened.

Once upon a time, Justin Bieber seemed like a good kid trying to make the best of things. Those days are long gone. For his sake, I hope he gets it together before anything too serious happens.

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