Katie Couric has had a long and lustrous career. At 55, however, the journalist seems to have no plans to slow down. Though the mom of two has gotten a bit of a break after leaving CBS’ nighttime news block, Couric will soon be taking on the rigor and commitment of a daytime talk show on ABC. Couric seems to be incredibly proud of all of her achievements, but there are still moments when she feels she made sacrifices for her career, like giving up on having a bigger family.

The upcoming host of Katie recently spoke with Good Housekeeping to talk about her break from nighttime news and how that has affected her relationships with her family. The anchor wants everyone to know how precious her free time has been and that she has not been taking it for granted.
"Not having to put on makeup every day was a godsend. Not having overscheduled days, not having to get on a plane at the drop of a hat — it was just nice.”

Couric has been able to spend more time doing mom stuff, as well. Her older daughter, 21-year-old Ellie, has been away at college for a while and her younger daughter, 16-year-old Carrie, will be heading to college in no time. If she could take anything back, it would probably be not having one more kid.
"It's a bittersweet time. I love being around my kids. I'm not a particularly solitary person...I like a big, chaotic household—noise, commotion, laughter! Sometimes I think I should have had six kids. Or I wish I'd had one at 37, but I was busy. My career.”

The 55-year-old is certainly past the time in her life where another child is possible, but she still has a hell of a lot to be proud of. The woman is one of the most famous names in journalism, and ABC is pushing hard to keep it that way. The network has already released plenty of promotional information for Katie to help her start a whole new chapter. Pop Blend would like to wish Couric the best of luck as she moves forward down a path that may not include babies, but may include something as enriching.

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