New York Jets coach Rex Ryan shocked fans last week when he was photographed in the Bahamas rocking a tattoo of his partially naked wife clad only in a Mark Sanchez jersey, but if the love-him-or-hate-him blowhard is to be believed, he’s not opposed to changing a portion of the ink in the future. More specifically, he’s not opposed to altering the number if the recently benched Mark Sanchez doesn’t get his shit together and start playing like a real quarterback.

Here’s what the always quotable Ryan had to say during his end of the season press conference earlier this week, as per TMZ
"Obviously, if Sanchez doesn’t play better, that number’s changing. That’s a given."

Rex claims he’s had the tattoo for several years and it hasn’t affected any of his on the field decisions. That may well be true, but if the Jets don’t show quite a bit of improvement this season, he could well have to change more than the number on his wife’s jersey. He might need to try and change the color and the team logo.

If nothing else, this tattoo shows the good and the bad of Ryan. He’s a man intensely committed to winning and intensely confident in his long-term vision, confident enough to tattoo his team’s jersey on his body. Unfortunately, he’s also a man who does impulsive things like get tattoos of his scantily-clad wife and joke about the situation at press conferences. Here’s to hoping Jets fans are able to see more of the good in Rex this season than the bad.

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