We’ll likely never know how vicious of a lecture Prince Harry got from the Queen and other members of the Royal Family following his naked Vegas weekend, but if guesses are to be made based on his behavior, it was likely pretty stern. Prior to returning to work today, the third in line to the British throne removed himself from the public eye almost immediately after the snapshots went live, and perhaps more tellingly, he even deleted his Facebook account.

The Royal has never publically admitted he uses Facebook, but an account attributed to a “Spike Wells” from Maun, Botswana has long been rumored to belong to the Prince. Over the weekend, that account mysteriously vanished. Thanks to rigid privacy controls and an unwillingness on the part of any of Spikes’ friends to talk, the contents of the Facebook page were never publically revealed. Maybe it contained some racy pictures. Maybe it contained a few wild opinions or some dirty jokes. Or maybe it didn’t even belong to the Prince at all.

According to The Daily Beast, Spike dropped many clues to his real identity during his time using the service. From making comments about being a ginger to using Maun, a town he’s known to have visited, as his location, there were enough hints to satisfy more curious souls but never enough to offer hard evidence.

After this whole mess blows over, it wouldn’t be surprising if Prince Harry hit up Facebook again. We’ll let you know if any new rumored accounts pop up.

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