Ryan Seacrest Becomes The Latest Celebrity To Get Swatted

Ryan Seacrest has a lot on his plate at any given time. Between American Idol, red carpet coverage, his work on E!, his radio show and everything else, he doesn’t need any more time sucks. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what he got today when he became the latest Los Angeles based swatting incident.

Details are still a little fuzzy on what exactly happened, but according to TMZ, emergency operators were told mobsters with riffles broke into Seacrest’s home and fired shots. Police, of course, rushed to the scene as quickly as possible, but once they arrived, they found absolutely nothing out of the ordinary.

Authorities were hopefully when they arrested a twelve-year-old boy for the initial swatting incidents that this resource-wasting nightmare would be over, but in the past few weeks, the frequency of the phony 911 calls have only increased.

Unless there’s some kind of break in the case, it’s entirely possible the Los Angeles Police Department will stop sending a large team of officers to respond to 911 calls in the nicer sections of the city, and if that happens, someone could seriously get hurt in the future because of it. As of press time, authorities are still nose deep in this investigation that began months ago. Whether or not they’re any closer to catching the culprit or culprits, however, remains unclear.

Here’s to hoping Seacrest was able to get to Idol on time to shoot this evening’s episode.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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