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Professional musicians are at a greater risk for hearing loss than their non-musical counterparts. If you were someone like Katy Perry and I was reading it to you, though, I might have to say that again or speak up. Luckily, I’m writing this and you aren’t Katy Perry; so, I don’t think we are going to have much of a problem from here on out. Now that the results are out in the open, how exactly are researchers explaining the link between professional musicians and hearing loss?

If your guess was being exposed to sound, loud pyrotechnics, and deafening crowds, you’d be right on par with these German researchers who did the study. It seems fairly obvious that your hearing would take a hit after spending half a year on tour being exposed to loud noises every night. Heck going to one concert can leave my ears ringing so I’m shocked to find out there aren’t more deaf musicians out there! The hearing problems can range anywhere from complete loss to a constant ringing of the ears aka tinnitus.

The hilarious part was that this study was done to refute an earlier claim by researchers that professional musicians had a wider range of hearing sensitivity. This sensitivity allowed for them to hear a wider range of sounds and possibly could’ve served as an explanation to why they were as successful as they were. The researchers not only disproved this, but went on further to say any advantage a singer or musician would’ve had prior to fame would have been demolished by the amount of damage their ears take on a nightly basis. In short, the guys who tried to say Justin Bieber is better than us because he can hear more were given the scientific “serve” of sorts by our German pals.

Unless you’re Beethoven, losing your hearing is not good for your legacy or career in music. It has been suggested that music stars and celebs wear protective muffs to keep their ears safe and free from harm, but I’m sure not many people are going to do that. Unless you’re a DJ or Lady Gaga, you’re going to look utterly ridiculous walking around on stage with a big noise reducing set of earmuffs, which is why most don’t do it to begin with. I would also imagine that it’s very difficult to find your pitch when you have your hearing blocked out. So it looks like we are just going to have to wait and see how long it takes Britney Spears to get hearing aids.

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